We had an excellent home buying experience with Joyce, during a very long new-build process here in Denver. We went under contract in April and didn’t close on the home until the following February. Clearly, Joyce devoted an immense amount of time on us and our home purchase. There are a lot of additional complex issues involved with new construction, and Joyce has definitely navigated that minefield numerous times before. Joyce is very well versed in both the technical issues and nuance of new construction. She knew what were reasonable timetables and expectations for the developer and what appeared to be stall tactics. Joyce also provided a thorough review and comments on the HOA documents. During that extended time there were several very pointed conversations needed, and Joyce handled all of them for us. She was very good at engaging in those conversations and anticipating the options and outcomes of those conversations. Joyce is a very effective communicator, constantly kept us up to date on the status of the various issues and reminded us of deadlines that we were responsible for well in advance. She was relentless on staying on top of the developer on pending issues and keeping them accountable for their commitments and promises. At the end of the process, we were very good friends with Joyce. There had been periods of tears of joy and tears of frustration, she was there for all of it. At the end of the deal she had the respect of the developer, whom she tenaciously hounded and held accountable. We give Joyce the highest recommendation possible. She works tirelessly into the night for you and advises you well during every step of the process.       Troy and Kirsten Q.
Joyce helped me purchase my first home, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the house we found! She is very knowledgeable and made the process move forward seamlessly. We were in constant communication through the whole process, and everything was put together fast and efficiently when it came time to make an offer. She worked hard to help me get an offer accepted in a multiple-offer situation, and helped me get into a great first home! We are still in communication, and I look forward to working with her again!        Audra D.
My husband and I moved from Michigan and were looking to purchase our new home for our large family in the new Arvada neighborhood. We have Joyce Hachen as our realtor and she was AMAZING. She was EXTREMELY through in her research for the right area and home for our family and always came prepared for anything we needed. We decided to build our new home and she was at every meeting with questions that I hadn't even come up with to make sure we were making the best decision possible. We could not have done this without her. She goes above and beyond for her clients and treats them as if they are friends instead of a paycheck waiting to happen. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home! There is no one better! Thank you again so much Joyce for the amazing home buying experience!! :)       Scot and Whitney H.
 It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Joyce Hachen. Over the course of several months I have been extremely pleased will the level of effort she placed in addressing my concerns and aiding me in navigating the volatile residential market. Her knowledge of the intricate and mutable home buying market was a huge advantage to my search, allowing me to properly frame an offer which was ultimately accepted. During the home inspection aspect of the contact, Joyce continued to provide keen insight on the bigger issues regarding the property; facilitating the proper post inspection assessments and encouraging an inspection resolution that was in my best interest. I confidently recommend Joyce, as a dedicated and knowledgeable Realtor and an all-around great person.    Michael C.
 We are writing to you to express our pleasure with our real estate agent, Joyce Hachen. To let you know where we are coming from, we have had six corporate relocations over the past 15 years and have had our fair share of real estate agents and transactions. Despite our years of experience with buying and selling our homes, the experience had always lent itself to stress. Joyce epitomizes the perfect real estate agent the moment you meet her because she exudes trustworthy, high caliber professionalism and is very well respected in her community. She sets herself above her colleagues because she insists on standing in the middle for her clients and goes above and beyond expectations.  Joyce has the ability to make you feel as if you are her only client. She cares very much for the people she serves and she delivers on everything she commits to and stays accountable. We are nothing but pleased with Joyce and her expertise and we recommend her to everyone! Our only regret is that we wish we could take her with us to Arizona to help us find our new home!      John and Lori Ann P.


Selling our home was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do, and Joyce Hachen was our guiding light through every step. It brings me great honor to write this letter of recommendation and to do her justice, I am going to share a brief story of why she has become so special to us.  Moving away from Denver, CO, to be closer to our Midwestern family roots meant we had to leave the people that we called friends in the Rocky Mountain state.  Making the decision to sell our house was emotional enough, which is where Joyce was most supportive.  She not only knew what needed to be done from the business end of things to sell our home, she also knew how to balance that with a personal side that listened to our concerns and fears.  She was never above listening to us, as we expressed our joys and frustration with the process of both preparing the house for sale and finding suitable buyers.  We endured the interruptions of nap schedules and hanging out in various spots in Denver with our three children (ages 3, 2 and 6 months I might add) until showings were completed.  Patience as a Realtor with a high maintenance family like ours has awarded Joyce our highest medal of honor. I have been in the hunt for a new house going on a year since moving from Denver and I have utilized four or five different Realtors by now. NONE have even come to compare with the intelligence and virtue that Joyce displays when performing her job.  It has been a very frustrating experience for us as we long to find a Realtor that will work as hard for us in finding a new home as Joyce did when she sold our home.  It is in my opinion that we will not find one.  We wish she was here to help us out. Please accept our grandest recommendation of Joyce Hachen to be your Realtor. You will not find another better than her. Simply the best!    Brian and Heather W.





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